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Economy analytics

Posted by: on Jan 30, 2009 | One Comment

If you’re one of the 900,000 people using Mint to track your finances, your (anonymous) data are being used to examine the economy. Another example of how ubiquitous, detailed data collection is being used to provide new analyses.

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  1. Junko
    January 22, 2013

    I particularly agree with your surammy of Ronfeldt’s point that the information revolution will foster more open and closed systems; more decentralization and centralization; more inclusionary and exclusionary communities; more privacy and surveilance; more freedom and authority; more democracy and new forms of totalitarianism. This is something similar to what Jonathan Zittrain has described as the Janus effect arising from new technologies. All too often, scholars trying to assess the political impact of technology argue the extremes that technology either has been a force of good or evil, or either democracy or authoritarianism, when in fact, technology engenders both.

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