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Naked federations

Posted by: on Apr 14, 2008 | No Comments

I came across Conjunctured, an Austin company, by following a few links:

We help organizations have conversations online.

Conjunctured leverages the power of collaboration and community. We are inspired by the existing concept of coworking and call ourselves a “co-company” – it’s a term we came up with that describes how the company is structured – we don’t employ people. Instead, a team of independent freelancers, all specialists in their own areas, come together to collaborate on the projects they feel most passionate about.

What interests me is that the described structure sounds a bit like what Zuboff and Maxmin call a “federation,” a group of independent professionals or contractors who come together for a project, then disband at the end of it. Conjunctured sounds perhaps a bit more stable than that, but it forefronts the distributed model of work rather than hiding it, as most federations do.
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