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Get out and exercise, you exhausted people

Posted by: on Mar 3, 2008 | No Comments

Superficially counterintuitive, but it works:

When a person is sapped by fatigue, the last thing he or she wants to do is exercise. But new research shows that regular, low-intensity exercise may help boost energy levels in people suffering from fatigue.

It also helps you sleep better, something that will further help you to avoid exhaustion. I went 18 years without regular exercise — something I keenly regret — before taking up Ashtanga. Now I go every weekday at 6am, and have no problems with exhaustion or sleeping (though to be fair I have never had trouble sleeping).

In Santa Barbara, I even tried doing some sun salutations in my Motel 6 room after my plane flight. Can’t recommend it enough — although I recommend a better hotel, since the Motel 6 carpet smelled like stale smoke and old carpet cleaner.

The Cure for Exhaustion? More Exercise – Well – Tara Parker-Pope – Health – New York Times Blog

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